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A Kind of Coming Home

When humans experience childhood trauma whether physical, sexual, spiritual or emotional neglect we learn that one, our bodies, our personhood is not our own and two, that we have no concept of boundaries, because we are that to have boundaries is selfish and that boundaries to no matter-- for those who are in authority of our bodies will take what they want, when they want and we have no power.

We do know that deep, cavernous ache for love and as we develop into adulthood we might be willing to do whatever necessary to secure love, which includes giving away our love without bounds until we are exhausted, spent and resentful.

The deep soul, neuropsychological, embodied work is the radical understanding that we can claim ourselves-- that we have the human right to claim ourselves. It is a kind of coming home. A paradox: we fill the spaces and we are filled. In claiming ourselves, the first wave of the process is getting familiar with sensations and comforts and even love we'd never knew existed. For these had been there all along.

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