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Dr. DeAnza Spaulding

pronouns: she/her/hers

healer. trauma therapist. researcher. domestic violence advocate. social justice activist. former pastor. writer. speaker. PhD. LMHC. BIPOC. LGBTQ

Mixed Up & Whole: Story Healing Workshop

Storyhealing is a space for listening, holding, and honoring stories together for multiracial / biracial / multicultural / mixed Asian, Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Desi, American (AHPIDA+) folks.


Dr. DeAnza welcomes the community to join her in a trauma workshop for multiracial APIDA+ people, including stories of histories, family narratives, food memories (and recipes!), and more. Together we will acknowledge hurt, harm, mistakes, lessons, acceptance, joy, and the wide range of emotions unearthed in our stories.


Trauma impacts the stories we tell ourselves. Healing is unearthing trauma so we can be connected to our authentic story. It’s from this place we begin a new relationship with ourselves. Storytelling is powerful work and it is sacred work. Sacred space tends to call forth memory, experience & story, which can bring up a mixture of feelings from grief, rage, loss, joy, delight & resilience. All parts of you are welcome here, we create sacred space together.

Accessibility Info: This is an online event hosted via Zoom with live AI captions. Dr. DeAnza will be presenting and sharing in English. More access details are to be provided closer to the event date. Please reach out with questions.

For additional accessibility support please email

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Online Story Healing Workshop

Thursday, June 15th from 12-1:30pm PT

This is a free community event.

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