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September is National Suicide Prevention Month

[Image description: calendar with words saying: September is National Suicide Prevention Month]

Image 2: If you are someone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts & feelings may you hear this: You are dearly loved. You are worthy. You are a gift. You are experiencing immense pain and may you know in the deepest well of your soul that-- You are loved.

Image 3: Suicide Myths: It is selfish. It is weak. It is a lack of faith. It is something wrong with you. It is self centered. When in reality: Suicidal thoughts & feelings are a response to pain and are painful to have. Painful circumstances include hopelessness, trauma, abuse, major physical illness, job or financial loss, loss of a significant relationship &/or mental health disorder.

Image 4: It's not your fault. You are worthy of dignity & care. There are folks available at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

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